First Week as Digital Nomads in Athens

June 24, 2018

We love to spend our summers in Europe, and this year we wanted to visit wonderful Greece. We had heard that Athens was dirty, hot, dusty, and not worth visiting – but we went anyway, and we are so glad that we did. Athens is absolutely amazing and definitely one of our favourite cities so far.

Athens is definitely something else, and we are in love! in the video, you can see how we spent our first week living as digital nomads in Athens, Greece. One of the great things about Athens is that it is a really walkable city, and whenever we had a few hours off from work, we wandered out into the city, and we always discovered something amazing.

Places we visited

Temple of Olympian Zeus

Theatre of Dionysus

Areopagus Hill

Acropolis (from the outside)

Falafel House

Rabbithole Bar

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